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CABBAGE    Brassica oleracea
FLAT DUTCH image FLAT DUTCH (95 days) 7-8 lbs. Medium size, flat, solid head.
RED ACRE image RED ACRE (75 days) 2-3 lbs. Round and solid, red heads.
Savoy image Savoy Gardeners and cooks favor Savoy cabbage for its sweet flavor and pretty crinkled leaves. This variety originated in Italy. 90 to 95 days.
CANTALOUPE    Cucumis melo
AMBROSIA F1 image AMBROSIA F1 (86 days) Extra Sweet. Heavily netted, no ribbing, 4 lb. fruit.
HALES BEST JUMBO image HALES BEST JUMBO Hales Best Jumbo produces a thick, salmon-orange flesh that is sweet, juicy and has a creamy texture. Drought resistant. Resist powerdy mildew. 85 Days.
CAULIFLOWER    Brassica oleracea
CHEDDAR image CHEDDAR (68 days) This beautiful, early, yellow-orange cauliflower holds well in the field. It has 25% more beta carotene than standard white types. An excellent source of Vitamin A. It becomes an even brighter orange when lightly cooked.
SNOWBALL "Y" image SNOWBALL "Y" (65 days) 2-4 lbs. Large, smooth, firm, white head. Good quality.
CELERY    Apium graveolens
GIANT PASCAL image GIANT PASCAL (90-120 days) Dark green, broad, smooth stalks are thick, solid, tender and crisp.
CHINESE (NAPA) CABBAGE    Brassica rapa Pekinensis
WR-70 DAYS image WR-70 DAYS This early maturing, medium green napa cabbage (barrel head) variety has wide adaptability. Recommended where other napas are difficult to cultivate. Heads can weigh over 5 lbs at maturity. It has good cold tolerance, medium heat tolerance and is late bolting. This variety has a high resistance to viruses, soft rot, and leaf spot. A nutrient-rich vegetable loaded with vitamin A, potassium and folic acid. Maturity 70 days
COLLARDS    Brassica oleracea
Carolina Cabbage Heirloom. Develops a cabbage-like head with the flavor of both cabbage and collards. Cook just as you would cook spinach. Pick leaves as needed; they taste best when young and small-ribbed. Grows best in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade and even appreciates it in spring in hot climates. 45 days.
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