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ECHEVERIA    Runyonii
TOPSY TURVY image TOPSY TURVY A fast growing rosette-forming succulent with pale blue-gray leaves that curve upwards and are strongly inversely-keeled on the lower surface with leaf tips pointing inwards towards the center of the plant. Bright orange and yellow flowers rise above the foliage on tall arching inflorescence, usually in late summer or fall. Plant in a well-drained soil in full sun in coastal gardens with some light shade in hot climates. Water occasionally. Hardy to about 25 F.
ARROW image ARROW Green rosettes have narrow, pointed leaves and bright red margin tips. Grows 3 wide with a height of 3. Soft white hairs give a frosted appearance. Velvety texture. Drought tolerant. Tender soft succulent. Full sun to part shade. Not frost tolerant.
ECHEVERIA    Shaviana
Mexican Hens image Mexican Hens An attractive and unusual succulent with short-stemmed rosettes of blue-gray leaves that have very wavy crinkled margins that take on a pinkish tint if grown in bright light. In late summer appear the branched stems of pink flowers that are yellow in the interior. Plant in full sun to light shade (requires some shade in hot interior climates) in a well-drained soil. Cold hardy to 23 F.
ECHEVERIA Black Prince    Black Prince
Black Prince image Black Prince (Black Hens and Chicks) This succulent plant produces clumps of short rosettes up to 3 inches wide with thin dark triangular, blackish leaves. These leaves first emerge greenish but darken to a deep lavender brown and with age the lower leaves widen out to as much as 1 inch at the base with an acuminate tip that has fine yellow edges. In late fall to early winter appear the dark red flowers on short stalks. Plant in full sun (best color) or light shade in a well-drained soil with occasional irrigation in spring and summer months. Cold hardy to about 25F.
Silver Gray image Silver Gray (h)6-10 inches. Silver leaves are tinted with a dusty rose and have toothed margins at the tips.
Rainbow Bush image Rainbow Bush Portulacaria afra foliis variegatis,or Rainbow Bush, is a strikingly beautiful variegated form of Portulacaria afra. The cream and light green leaves really stand out against the purplish red stems. The leaves will reach up to 3/4 inches long, but they are usually smaller. This form is a slow grower and its size is easily controlled by container size, making it a wonderful indoor bonsai subject. The plants are hardy in the landscape in zones 9 to 11. Needs full sun to partial shade or very high interior lighting with a well drained soil mix. Water plants well and allow to dry thoroughly before watering again. Too much water seems to rot the stems at the soil line.
Red Stem image Red Stem (h) 8-16 inches. Bold, attractive dark red stems on a miniature jade plant.
SEDUM Repestre    Repestre
ANGELINA image ANGELINA (h) 3-6 inches. Developed in a private garden in Croatia, Angelina has brilliant, needle-shaped, golden yellow foliage. Prefers well-drained soil and to be kept on the dry side. Trailing habit.
LEMON BALL image LEMON BALL (h) 3-6 inches. Attractive spiky, yellow foliage compliments vibrant flowers.
SEDUM Tetractinum    Tetractinum
CORAL REEF image CORAL REEF (h) 6-8 inches. Succulent, shiny green leaves have rosy bronze tips and turn a lovely pink-bronze in the fall. Full Sun.
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