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BEGONIA    Tuberhybrida
Mocca Deep Orange image Mocca Deep Orange
Mocca Pink Shades image Mocca Pink Shades
Mocca Scarlet image Mocca Scarlet
Mocca White image Mocca White
Mocca Yellow image Mocca Yellow
BEGONIA    Boliviensis
Santa Cruz Sunset image Santa Cruz Sunset This Begonia has an abundance of fiery bright red-orange, bell-shaped flowers on a compact, upright habit plant that grows 12 inches tall. Drought and rain tolerant, Santa Cruz Sunset thrives in full sun and shade. Also available in Hanging Baskets.
BIDENS    Bidens ferulifolia
NAMID COMPACT YELLOW image NAMID COMPACT YELLOW (h) 10-12 inches. Bright green leaves are divided into threadlike segments. Flower heads are bright golden yellow, an inch or so wide with a light honey fragrance. Plants bloom almost continuously during mild weather. Extremely heat tolerant.
BRACHYSCOME    Brachyscome hybrida
ENDURING BLUE image ENDURING BLUE (h) 6 inches. A fairly new introduction from Australia. Profuse clusters of small mauve daisy flowers with finely divided leaves. Blooms spring to fall. Spreads to about 18 inches wide. Use in rock garden, at front of border, in containers or raised beds.
BRACTEANTHA    Bracteantha bracteata
Dreamtime image Dreamtime (h) 10-12 inches. Large bloomed Dreamtime varieties have an abundance of colorful flowers, held well above the foliage, resemble those of Strawflower in having many rows of papery bracts. Available in Red Ember, White and Yellow
CALIBRACHOA    Calibrachoa x hybrida
Calibrachoa (h) 6-10 inches. Sun to part sun. Calibrachoa have wiry, slender stems and tiny, closely set leaves and flowers that look similar to petunia’s but are much smaller. Often confused for a petunia, calibrachoa makes a splash no matter where you put it in the garden. It is perfect for containers or hanging baskets but also can be tucked into the front of a border where it will spill out onto sidewalk or patio. In fact, it may be the ultimate "spiller" for container gardens as long as you give it ample water and fertilizer, which it needs to fuel its astounding growth.
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