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DYMONDIA    Margarete
DYMONDIA image DYMONDIA An evergreen perennial, growing in tight mats 2-3 inches deep and spreading to 20 inches, by offsets. Narrow leaves 2-3 inches long, deep grayish-green above and inrolled at the edges, turn up when drought stressed to show cottony white underside. Best used in well-drained soil.
FESTUCA    Ovina glauca
FESTUCA image FESTUCA (h) 1 foot. Fine, low-growing, clumping grass with needle-like leaves. Grayish-blue color.
GAZANIA    Hybrid
DAYBREAK SERIES image DAYBREAK SERIES (h) 8 inches. Blooms early with flowers that display dark-ringed centers.
Bronze image Bronze
Orange image Orange
Red Stripe image Red Stripe
Pink image Pink
White image White
Yellow image Yellow
GREEN CARPET image GREEN CARPET (h) 2-3 inches. Trailing plant with crowded, tiny bright green leaves less than 1/4 inch long. Foliage turns bronzy red in cold winters. Spreads well, but wonít grow out of control.
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