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Bush Pearl image Bush Pearl Anigozanthos (Pink Kangaroo Paw) is the world’s favorite kangaroo paw. It is a naturally compact, bushy plant that produces masses of distinctive, bright candy pink flowers. A great feature plant in patio pots and gardens that adds a color dimension rarely found in kangaroo paws.
Pot A Roo Flame image Pot A Roo Flame (h) 10-16 inches. Pot-A-Roo Kangaroo Paw are easy to care for! Be sure not over water or overfertilize…these plants don't like to too flush. As the flowers end their blooming, remove and the Pot-A-Roos will continue to provide color all summer! Full Sun.
Pot A Roo Orange image Pot A Roo Orange
Pot A Roo Yellow image Pot A Roo Yellow
AQUILEGIA    Columbine x
ORIGAMI MIX image ORIGAMI MIX (h) 16-18 inches. This variety will flower at about 16-18 inches in the garden, making a nice mid-height display of bicolor flowers. People in milder climates or coastal regions will appreciate this perennials lower chilling requirement when compared to some of the older varieties on the market.
MADEIRA (h) 12-18 inches Full Sun to Part Sun. The Madeira series are the earliest and most well branched series on the market. The vigorous, upright plants work well in full-sun gardens, landscapes, mixed containers and planters. While newer Argyranthemum are much more heat tolerant than older varieties, they will still do best with cool night temperatures. Our varieties have been selected to flower continuously without deadheading. If you do live in a hot climate the plants may flush out of bloom if the night temperatures are regularly staying in the high 70s or above. The plants should continue to do fine, give them a trim using a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears (think of it as giving your plant a haircut). This will help induce more branching and fresh growth and the plants will be at their best when night temperatures drop and the plants begin to bloom again.
RED image RED
ARTEMISIA    Schmidtiana
SILVER MOUND image SILVER MOUND (h) 8-10 inchs. Finely cut silver foliage forms compact rounded mounds, soft and fluffy to the touch. Valuable for rock gardens, border edging and buffering clashing colors.
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