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BEGONIA    Begonia semperflorens
Bronze Leaf Deep Rose image Bronze Leaf Deep Rose
Bronze Leaf Pink image Bronze Leaf Pink
Bronze Leaf Red image Bronze Leaf Red
Bronze Leaf White image Bronze Leaf White
Green Leaf Appleblossom image Green Leaf Appleblossom
Green Leaf Pink image Green Leaf Pink
Green Leaf Rose image Green Leaf Rose
Green Leaf Scarlet image Green Leaf Scarlet
Green Leaf White image Green Leaf White
BROWALLIA    Speciosa major
Bell Blue image Bell Blue (h) 10-12 inches. Ideal for hanging baskets, tubs and mixed containers, the free-flowering, vigorous plants have attractive 1.5-in. (4-cm) blooms. Part sun.
11 - 20 of 272 records   Page 2 of 28    <<Previous  Next>>

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