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ANGELONIA    Angustifolia     (Gallons)
Raspberry image Raspberry
White image White
ANIGOZANTHOS    Flavidus    (Gallons)
Bush Ballad image Bush Ballad -Bush Ballad is a nice surprise and an excellent complement to the pink of Bush Pearl and the white of Bush Diamond. Bush Ballad is an upright plant growing to a compact height. This variety produces scores of flower stems, each with masses of small, bright red flowers. A free-and-repeat-flowering variety that looks great for much of the year. This is a perfect plant for a patio pot or rockery in a sunny spot. Height: 20 inches.
Bush Diamond image Bush Diamond Anigozanthos (White Kangaroo Paw) – Vigorous upright perennial with 1-2 foot tall narrow sword-like light green foliage. This unique mid-sized hybrid kangaroo paw produces an inflorescence to 2-3 feet tall with white flowers, presenting gardeners with an entirely new color for kangaroo paws. The white flowers are tinged pink at their base with pink stems with the pink coloration more enhanced in cooler winter months.
Bush Pearl image Bush Pearl Anigozanthos (Pink Kangaroo Paw) is the world’s favorite kangaroo paw. It is a naturally compact, bushy plant that produces masses of distinctive, bright candy pink flowers. A great feature plant in patio pots and gardens that adds a color dimension rarely found in kangaroo paws.
Pot A Roo Flame image Pot A Roo Flame (h) 10-16 inches. Pot-A-Roo Kangaroo Paw are easy to care for! Be sure not over water or overfertilize…these plants don't like to too flush. As the flowers end their blooming, remove and the Pot-A-Roos will continue to provide color all summer! Full Sun.
Pot A Roo Orange image Pot A Roo Orange
Pot A Roo Yellow image Pot A Roo Yellow
APTENIA    Cordifolia     (G / Covers)
RED APPLE image RED APPLE h) 4-5 inches. South African ice plant relative. Trailing stems to 2 ft. long are profusely set with inch-wide, heart-shaped or oval, fleshy bright green leaves. Purplish red, inch wide flowers bloom in spring and summer. Use as a low trailer in rock garden, on slope or wall; plant 2 ft. apart.
VARIEGATED image VARIEGATED (h) 4-5 inches. Same as Red Apple but has white-bordered leaves.
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