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BEAN    Phaseolus vulgaris var. nanus
BLUE LAKE BUSH image BLUE LAKE BUSH Excellent fresh, frozen or for canning. 12 to 22-in. plants are widely adaptable with heavy yields. Resists BCMV NY15. Pod size is 6 in. and pod color is green. 56 days to maturity.
GREEN N GOLD image GREEN N GOLD Two-color gourmet mix of slender, French filet type beans that are crisp and stringless, slightly sweet and tender. Bush-type plants with Green and gold pods that are 4-5.5 in. 55 days to maturity.
BEET    Beet
Bulls Blood image Bulls Blood HEIRLOOM. Bull's Blood has the reddest foliage we have ever seen. The earliest thinnings spark up spring and fall salads with a leaf color as richly dark red as radicchio. As the roots enlarge, the baby beets are also delicious cooked and mixed with salad. The small sweet red roots are best when harvested young. When sowing, mix beet seeds with fast-sprouting radish seeds to mark the rows. Grows best in cool weather and full sun.Maturity 40-52 days
Touchstone Gold image Touchstone Gold Touchstone Gold is an outstanding golden beet that produces uniformly round roots with smooth, bright orange skin and a vivid golden interior. The deep green tops are appealing for bunching, and the golden interior retains its color when cooked.
BROCCOLI    Brassica oleracea
GREEN COMET F1 image GREEN COMET F1 (55 days) Early and productive, deep green heads of good quality.
Raab Zamboni image Raab Zamboni Zamboni is a slow-growing late-maturing broccoli raab variety. It is well suited for spring or late summer growing slots. Zamboni has uniform large florets with blue-green narrow turnip-shape leaves. It has a tall upright plant habit and a high bolt tolerance. Zamboni is a perfect variety for fresh market or home gardeners. 65 to 75 days.
Romanesco image Romanesco Romanesco is the preeminent Italian heirloom variety and was first documented in Italy in the 16th century. Its crisp, beautiful apple-green whorled heads impart an altogether pleasing, nutty taste. Most often enjoyed raw, the broccoli, if lightly cooked, will retain its flavor and unique texture. 75 to 100 days.
BRUSSELS SPROUTS    Brassica oleracea
JADE CROSS image JADE CROSS (90 days) Vigorous, extra early variety produces medium firm, deep green, 1 inch sprouts with excellent flavor. Tolerates heat stress.
CABBAGE    Brassica oleracea
COPENHAGEN image COPENHAGEN (65-70 days) 2-4 lbs. Round solid heads.
FLAT DUTCH image FLAT DUTCH (95 days) 7-8 lbs. Medium size, flat, solid head.
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