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ACHILLEA YARROW     millefolium
SUMMER PASTELS image SUMMER PASTELS (h) 18-24 inches. All American Selection winner. Blooms mid summer to autumn. Heat and drought tolerant variety produces lavender, purple, white, apricot, cream, rose and pink flowers over fernlike, dark green foliage.
CANTERBURY BELLS    Campanula medium
MIXED image MIXED (h) 12-16 inches. A biennial with deep green foliage and tall spikes of large, bell-shaped flowers in shades of blue, mauve, pink and white. A wonderful addition to bedding displays, borders and as a cut flower.
CARNATIONS    Dianthus caryophyllus
MONARCH MIX image MONARCH MIX (h) 10-12 inches. Carnations are bushy and compact and have fragrant double 2-2-1/2 inch flowers with bluish green leaves.
WHITE image WHITE (h) 8-10 inches. Paludosum White forms about 8 inch wide clumps of dark green, deeply toothed leaves. In summer, bears white flowers resembling miniature Shasta daisies.
CHRYSANTHEMUM    Leucanthemum X superbum
SILVER PRINCESS image SILVER PRINCESS (h) 12-15 inches. Snow white 4-5înch flowers with yellow center and bright green foliage from late spring to fall.
COLUMBINE    Aquilegia
McKANAíS GIANT MIX image McKANAíS GIANT MIX (h) 32-36 inches. Blooms May-June. Extra long spurred, large flowers. A colorful mixture of blue, maroon, purple, red, deep yellow, primrose and white.
COREOPSIS    Grandiflora
EARLY SUNRISE image EARLY SUNRISE grandiflorum (h) 2 feet. Blooms June-September. Bright golden yellow, semi-double flowers. Blooms the first year from seed.
DELPHINIUM    X elatum
MAGIC FOUNTAIN MIX image MAGIC FOUNTAIN MIX (h) 2-3 feet. Blooms June-September. Outstanding color range, lilac-pink, sky blue, pure white, white w/dark bee, dark blue w/dark and white bee. Produces impressive spikes but do not need staking.
DELPHINIUM    Grandiflorum
BLUE BUTTERFLY image BLUE BUTTERFLY (h) 12-15 inches. A dwarf, 1 1/2 inch mid-blue flowers, darker blue version of Blue Mirror. Flowers June to September.
DUSTY MILLER    Senecio cineraria
SILVER DUST image SILVER DUST (h) 10-12 inches. The most popular Dusty Miller, this variety has a full plant habit with 9 inch long, deeply lobed leaves.
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