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AFRICAN DAISY    osteospermum fruticosum
Passion Mix image Passion Mix h) 16-20 inches. The full, well branched plants have lavender, purple and white daisy-like flowers with blue centers, 2 to 2.5 inches across. In the garden they show off beautiful flowers and plants that are drought and semi cold tolerant once established. Compact, uniform and multiple branched. All American Selections Winner.
AJUGA    Reptans
Mahogany image Mahogany
APTENIA    Cordifolia
RED APPLE image RED APPLE h) 4-5 inches. South African ice plant relative. Trailing stems to 2 ft. long are profusely set with inch-wide, heart-shaped or oval, fleshy bright green leaves. Purplish red, inch wide flowers bloom in spring and summer. Use as a low trailer in rock garden, on slope or wall; plant 2 ft. apart.
VARIEGATED image VARIEGATED (h) 4-5 inches. Same as Red Apple but has white-bordered leaves.
ARMERIA    Maritima
SEA PINK image SEA PINK (h) 6-10 inches. Tufted mounds spreading to 1 foot with 6 inch long, stiff, grass-like leaves. Small rose-pink flowers in tight, round clusters on 6-10 inch stalks. Needs good drainage.
BABY TEARS    Soleirolia soleirolii
BABY TEARS image BABY TEARS (h) 1-4 inches. Baby’s Tear spread indefinitely by creeping stems to form a lush, medium green mat. Inconspicuous flowers. Stems and tiny leaves are tender, juicy, easily injured, but aggressive growth repairs damage quickly. Cool-looking, neat underplanting for ferns or other shade-loving plants.
CAMPANULA    Muralis
CAMPANULA image CAMPANULA (h) 4-7 inches. Flaring, bell-shaped, violet blue flowers to 1 inch long on heart-shaped, deep green leaves. Blooms May through August.
CERASTIUM    Tomentosum
SNOW IN SUMMER image SNOW IN SUMMER (h) 6-8 inches. Spreading, dense, tufty mats of silvery gray, 3/4 inch long leaves. Masses of snow white flowers 1/2-3/4 inch across in early summer. Spreads 2-3 feet in 1 year.
CHAMOMILE    Chamaemelum nobile
CHAMOMILE image CHAMOMILE (h) 3-12 inches. Spreads soft-textured mat of bright green, fine, aromatic leaves. Great as a lawn substitute. Has insignificant summer blooming flowers resembling small yellow buttons.
DICHONDRA    Micrantha
DICHONDRA image DICHONDRA (h) 6 inches. Small round leaves. In shade with good care can grow to 6 inches. In sun and foot traffic stays low. Spreads by surface runners.
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