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CAREX    Oshimensis
Feather Falls image Feather Falls Carex Feather Falls: This Carex works in almost any landscape condition. ‘Feather Falls’ proves its toughness in the summer months by tolerating full sun conditions without burning while also thriving in shady conditions. It is extremely winter-hardy(-30 degrees). ‘Feather Falls’ makes an excellent patio plant and flowers in April/May. Height: 12 to 18 inches x 18 to 24 inches.
FESTUCA    Ovina glauca
FESTINA image FESTINA (h) 8-12 inches. Mounded. Among the best and brightest blues available, 'Festina' maintains its color well throughout the season. The low, soft-textured tufts and compact habit are especially suited for borders, containers and edging. A charming, exceptionally hardy plant. Zones 8-12.
MELINUS    Nerviglumis
PINK CRYSTAL image PINK CRYSTAL (h) 8-12 inches. Low growing grass with fine, blue-green foliage, turning purple-red in fall. Tall stems of shimmering, silky, ruby-pink blooms in late summer.
PENNISETUM    Setaceum
FIREWORKS image FIREWORKS (h)36 inches. A hardy fountain grass with bold stripes of red, pink and green, before maturing to a rich shade of burgundy. From mid-summer to autumn, the showy purple flower spikes rise above the arching foliage in a spectacular display. Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’ makes a lively addition to bedding displays and patio containers.
RUBRUM image RUBRUM (h) 3-4 feet. Fountain grass with deep red foliage topped by dramatic purple-red plumes starting in June.
SCIRPUS    Cernuus
FIBER OPTIC GRASS image FIBER OPTIC GRASS (h) 12 inches. Mounded. This bright green grass like plant gets its name from the small flowers on the tip of each stem. Grows in water as a marginal plant or moist soils. An outstanding addition to any container garden. Pest and disease-free. Zones 9-11.
STIPA    Tenuissima
MEXICAN FEATHER GRASS image MEXICAN FEATHER GRASS (h) 12-18 tall. A beautiful, small, mounding grass that lends a graceful touch to any garden. Foliage and flower clusters always appear soft and inviting to the touch. Flowers start out green, but mature to a lovely golden color as they mature. Plant either as a single accent plant, or in large drifts for a spectacular golden display. Zones 7-11.
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