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ACHILLEA YARROW    millefolium
MOONSHINE image MOONSHINE (h) 24 inches. Achillea Moonshine is an upright canary-yellow flower that blooms from June through September. With evergreen foliage in mild winter regions, this non-spreading Achillea is a definite winner. Moonshine Yarrow is unlike the common Yarrow, being shorter in height and less invasive. The flower heads are 4 inches wide, with a spread of 18-24 inches and a height of 24 inches. Moonshine Yarrow is a great addition to a sunny perennial border, planted in pots or combined with ornamental grasses.
PAPRIKA image PAPRIKA (h)18-24 inches. Achillea Paprika is an upright scarlet red flower with yellow center aging to a coppery red that blooms from June through September. Unlike many forms of yarrow, the brightly colored flowers of this one age attractively and form dense, flattened heads all summer long. Paprika is a great addition to a sunny perennial border, planted in pots or combined with ornamental grasses.
INCA image INCA (h) up to 2 feet. Blooms Spring to Fall. The Premier series produce masses of color in borders bearing clustered flowers at the tops of leafy stems. The flowers, brightly colored and marked with contrasting blotches and flecks, are superb cut flowers and are long lasting. Plants appreciate good drainage. Orange, Peach, Rose, White, Lavender, Purple, Red and Yellow.
ANEMONE    coronaria
HARMONY image HARMONY (h) 18 inches. Bloom period: February-May. The Harmony series have finely divided leaves and sturdy stems which hold, vibrant, large 4-5 inch poppy-like flowers in assorted solid and bicolors.
ANGELONIA    Angustifolia
ARCHANGEL (h) 12-14 inches. The biggest blooms: three times larger than other varieties. Well branched plants with uniform habit and flowering time. Thrives in extreme heat, humidity and drought.
Purple image Purple
Raspberry image Raspberry
White image White
Bush Series Anigozanthos Bush(Kangaroo Paw) is the world’s favorite kangaroo paw. It is a naturally compact, bushy plant that produces masses of distinctive, bright candy pink flowers. A great feature plant in patio pots and gardens that adds a color dimension rarely found in kangaroo paws. Height 1 to 2 feet.
Bush Nugget image Bush Nugget
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